Journey with a purpose of prayer

Pray On-site with Insight

Have you considered going to pray over a city? ​Followers of Jesus who carry the light of the Gospel and pray in the Spirit of God over cities play a key role in preparing the soil for Gospel seeds to take root.  Prayerfully consider whether God may be asking you to invest in His kingdom by making a prayer visit. For helpful suggestions and resources, browse through the Prayer Journey Recommendations below.

Determine Best Time to Come

  • Ask the Lord concerning the timing of your visit.
  • Spring and fall bring milder temperatures and less travelers, making it a great time for a prayer journey!​
  • We recommend coming for at least a week.

Form Your Group

  • Among your friends, family, and brothers and sisters in the faith, who can you ask to go with you?
  • What kind of spiritual gifts (1 Cor 12) would you like to take along?​

Research airfare

  • Check out websites like Expedia and Hipmunk to see various price options. Save money by purchasing tickets 2 to 3 months in advance.
  • You can fly into the capital city
  • Car rentals are available at the airports but book online to save. For some cities cars are a liability. Driving and parking may be a big challenge, especially if you don’t know where you are going. For most cities public transport is a better option.

Mapping Your Prayer Journey

  • Choose which city or cities you will visit 
  • You can download a google map in advance to your phone.
  • Download or create and print prayer guidelines for your location

Prepare to Travel

  • Currency Exchange Rate
  • Research practical information for visits
  • Tours that might provide information for prayer


After mapping out which cities and towns you will visit, check out the recommended hotels, restaurants, things to do in those areas at Trip Advisor or

Preparation Ideas

  • Commit time to fasting and praying before going
  • Find people who are willing to fast and pray for you each day of your travels
  • ​Use the prayer resources​ on this website and others

Learn about the people and city

  • History
  • Culture and beliefs
  • Spiritual background and current status
  • Connect with local ministries to learn of their prayer needs

Prayer Strategy Plan

Plan out your prayer strategy that you will implement each day. Below are​ some ideas that you can incorporate:​

  • 1 Hour Prayer Wheel and Prayer Walking Guide
  • 12 Day Prayer Journey Guide to begin praying before and during the trip
  • Depending on where you go, there will likely be locals who speak some English. Learn all that you can from them. You could also share with them that you are a follower of Jesus and have come to bless their country with prayer. You could ask them how you could bless them in prayer. 

Thoughts on Prayer Walking


We would greatly appreciate if you would let us know that you are going on a prayer journey. Then tell us how it went when you are finished!